About Remote Watch

RWatch is a remote computer monitoring solution based on Sparse’s video management framework ThirdEye. With RWatch you can track activity on your computers remotely from our cloud offering. RWatch is an agent-based solution in which you install our lightweight agent firmware on your target computers. Agents work seemlessly in the background and synchronize all necessary information to our cloud solution. You don’t need to setup or maintain any other thing from this point all and our RWatch solution will take care of the rest for you.

Using RWatch you can track real-time screens of all computers in one place. If you prefer, screen captures are recorded for playback in a different time. Load on network and computers can be adjusted anytime from our cloud interface and systems falls back to sane defaults to prevent unnecessary loading on your systems. Frame rate, bitrate, codec parameters can be hand-tuned if necessary. From our live view and playback screens, you can watch screen activities in real-time, bookmark events, playback from an older time and export recorded videos in various formats.

RWatch keeps its recorder videos in a secured cloud environment reachable only by you. In addition, RWatch provides extensive user management facilities so that you can assign different permissions to different users in your organization.

RWatch offers more than monitoring your remote machines in real-time, RWatch provides general usage statistics in a user-friendly dashboard. RWatchs offers you metrics about general usage statistics of your machines and users including but not limited to total activation summary of machine/users, inactive times, average usage times, keyboard and mouse activity, web browsing activities. Please check information later presented on this page various different modules of RWatch for more details.For More Information Contact Us!

RWatch Modules

Real-time screen monitoring

With RWatch, users can effortlessly monitor the real-time screens of all computers from a centralized location, facilitating immediate oversight and proactive management. This seamless integration of real-time monitoring enhances visibility, efficiency, and security, empowering organizations to effectively manage their remote computer infrastructure while ensuring compliance and facilitating remote assistance.

Screen recording

Real-time screen cast videos are automatically recorded in our cloud offering. Videos are automatically transcoded in our cloud platform for cost-effective and long term storage of machine screens. Video quality, frame rate, codec-type, resolution and various other parameters can be hand-tuned in case of custom requirements. You can watch recorded video streams anytime and from any location on world-wide-web using our cloud-based playback solution.

Summary dashboards

RWatch offer users a consolidated view of key usage statistics and metrics, providing insightful analytics for informed decision-making and performance evaluation. These dashboards present a user-friendly interface that condenses complex data into easily digestible visualizations, offering a comprehensive overview of machine and user activities.

Web browsing activity dashboards

RWatch is able to track web browsing activities thru its web plugins. If enabled, RWatch provides you with which sites are most visited on that machine, how much time-spent on which site, web access patterns etc.

Machine activity dashboards

RWatch can track which users are logged-into which machines and report usage information based on this logging status. RWatch can track application usage statistics on your machines. Every running windows on your machines are tracked and based on top-level windows in your system, active application is detected. Our summary dashboard gives you overview of general application on your remote system.

RWatch Keylogger

RWatch also tracks real-time keyboard activity on your remote system. You can inspect provided keymap diagram for most actively-used keys on your remote system.

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